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Knowledge is perpetual power, has been and will always be an empowering transformational edge to anyone's success...which is why we encourage the renewed focus of "iron sharpening iron"

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We're talking about a deep and penetrating spiritual makeover of dynamic proportions...

Iron sharpeneth iron, it may seem like a really focused vision that may cause some to be uncomfortable and that's why the process works.


Making someone uncomfortable after an emotional turbulent life is similar to applying a healing balm to an open wound, it hurts at first and then the healing really begins. Dr. Daviyd & Associates LLC chose an "iron sharpeneth iron" approach as a necessary means to cleansing the minds of our family of clients through knowledge that will heal any emotional wounds and strengthen them to help others to make it through after completing our newly released book "Thriving: The Three Steps to Beyond Surviving" and our numerous Thriveology programs.


"We must learn to view change as a natural phenomenon - to anticipate it and to plan for it. The future is ours to channel in the direction we want to go... we must continually ask ourselves, 'What will happen if...?' or better still, 'How can we make it happen?' "

- Lisa Taylor


Small groups need to embrace change together and our "iron sharpeneth iron" principles makes the team uncomfortable and then encourages them to join together with a renewed focus in helping one another to heal as a team. This strategy is effective with small businesses as well...


To sustain a spiritual manisfestation of change, one must hammer it home everyday by helping others to do the same...


"The more credit you give away, the more will come back to you. The more you help others, the more they will want to help you."

- Brian Tracy


Our inspirational family of clients is given the most successful means of creating a new lifestyle by sustaining each new lifestyle through rehearsing the principles of the new life by meaningful actions of helping others transform and change their lives. Dr. Daviyd & Associates LLC is stimulating all in our family of clients to be leaders of change in someone else's live: to become authors, public speakers, group leaders, counsellors and anything their minds can conceive in promoting the philosophy of "lifting as we climb".


Small groups using the 'lifting as we climb" a transformational philosophy, find themselves gaining more leverage for change while working together and small businesses have found new markets while helping to support former clients, each time the hope of better tomorrows gets stronger.

Thriving: Three Steps Beyond Surviving, SelfHelp Book
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